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We guide you through your international establishment

Taking a company international is a complex and time-consuming process, filled with challenges from legal barriers to cultural differences. For many companies and individuals, it can feel like navigating uncharted territory, which can be both time-consuming and risky.

With over 30 years of direct experience working in more than 8 different countries, we have the knowledge, network, and practical experience to establish legal entities, hire locally, and conduct local operations. We understand not just the theory behind international expansion but also the practical challenges and nuances of each unique market.

Whether your company aims to establish sales offices, purchasing offices, or implement "insourcing" to hire locally, we have the tools and experience required to smoothly carry out this. We are your partner at every step of this journey, ensuring every aspect of your international expansion is well-informed, efficient, and successful.

Legal entity set up

We register your company, including advising on the appropriate company form and ensuring it meets local regulations and requirements.

Local accounting

We handle local accounting, including accounting according to local standards, VAT reporting, and financial reporting.

Cost estimate

We provide you with a thorough and detailed overview of all costs involved in the process. We analyze everything from rental costs and startup costs to the salary costs of local staff.

International Tax Planning & Compliance

We offer guidance on international tax laws and structures, including treaties to avoid double taxation and to optimize tax efficiency and compliance.

International Cash Management

We set up solutions for efficient management of international cash flows, including liquidity management, concentration of cash, and pooling strategies.

Market analysis

We analyze local economic indicators, geopolitical risks and regulations that could affect your business operations.

Expatriate management and planning

We offer financial planning and tax advice for expatriates, including salary structuring, tax equalization, visas, and pension planning.

Real estate and office set up

We find your office or premises tailored to your needs and budget. We match your business ambitions with the best physical location, all within the framework of your financial planning.

Local recruiting

We find and hire the best local talents, perfectly adapted to your company's unique needs and culture. With our expertise, we ensure that you build a strong local team that supports your operation.


We don't just advise; we solve it for you.

Expanding a company internationally is not just a complex task; it's a journey that requires a dedicated partner who actively takes on the challenges of navigating new markets.


It's not just about overcoming legal hurdles and cultural differences but also understanding and effectively managing the many aspects of international business.

We are not just advisors; we are your active partners in this process. With our comprehensive knowledge of international establishments, we take care of the heavy lifting for you. From careful planning to practical implementation.

Attempting this on your own can feel overwhelming and risky. That's why we take care of the establishment while you focus on your core business.


About us

Martin Örn, Partner

Martin Örn has a finance career spanning over a decade at management level and has seen him hold roles as CFO and Vice President Finance in multinational companies across different geographical areas, including Sweden, China, the Middle East, and Switzerland. He has also been a board member in a large number of legal entities worldwide.

Martin is known for his exceptional analytical and communicative skills, along with a business-oriented and results-oriented strategy. His expertise spans operational control, legal finance, and tax structures including compliance, as well as financial reporting and board work.

Martin's time at companies such as EF Education First and Continental underscores his ability to manage and drive financial operations in various and dynamic business environments.

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About us

Sten Undin, Partner

Sten Undin has extensive experience in finance, business informatics, and IT with a career spanning over 15 years. He has held influential roles in multinational companies, focusing on transformation projects and managing changes in high-profile organizations. His expertise includes collaborating with C-level leaders for strategic and tactical technology planning, development, and implementation, as well as providing leadership to optimize resources.

Sten has a unique skill set combining knowledge in finance and IT at a senior level, enabling the development of innovative solutions for complex problems. His achievements include significant contributions to the modernization of business processes, implementation of technological solutions, and management of pricing and product development initiatives.

Sten has worked extensively in various geographical areas such as Switzerland, Canada, and China. He is known for his goal-oriented approach, ability to drive change, and achieve results on a global platform.

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"We were worried about the complexity of opening a sourcing office in Czech Republic, but they made it easy. They handled everything from finding premises to setting up our legal structures, all while allowing us to focus on our core business."


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